Friday, 1 July 2011

July 2011 so far...

Good morning everyone,

It wasn't until I read this post on A Thrifty Mrs' blog that I realised that today was the first day of July...WHAT???!!! How did this happen without me noticing? In three days time, we would have been in la Suisse for 6 months!And we have loved every single minute of it.

2011 so far has been a much better than anticipated (moving country and all) and definitely a much happier year than the last previous years.

So far:
* We have left friends and family behind to move to a new country.
* We have found a lovely place to live in Meilen.
* We have adopted Alf from a local rescue center and given him a new family.
* We finally have a small garden and have been enjoying (attempting) to grow things.
* We have walked hundreds of miles on the trails around Lake Zurich and are much fitter than we ever were in Scotland!
* We have enjoyed living 10 minutes away from the lake and going to swim there most days.
* I have been on some fantastic fieldwork catching newts, tadpoles and snow voles.
* I have indulged in lots of crafty goodness.
* I have spent three weeks with my niece and nephew in Zurich and Montpellier and really enjoyed spending loads of quality time with them. They grow so quickly.
* I have started this blog and have been keeping you updated on our life in la Suisse for three months already...
*...and I have 16 followers! It is so lovely to read your comments and to have a sneaky peep into your lifes.

I hope the following six months will bring me:
* A job in la Suisse (fingers crossed I have an interview in 4 weeks...)
* Old friends coming over to visit us...
*...and making new friends in Zurich!
* and a lot more of adventures in la Suisse to share with you on this blog, and why not more followers?

So what has 2011 brought you so far? and what do you wish to see happening in the next 6 months?


Lucy said...

Amazing snail picture at the end there! I saw A Thrifty Mrs' post too and was inspired by it, but I love that you've also said what you hope for for the rest of the year, hope you achieve all that and more! :) xx

Expat with Kids said...

Welcome to the good life of Switzerland. It's very easy to adapt to the lifestlye eventhough it takes time to make friends. Zurich is a lovely place to live in. I used to spend lots of time swimming in the lake in Feldmeilen many, many years ago......;)

Expat with Kids said...

Gosh, if I start thinking what happend in the last 6 months I wouldn't know where to stop. Lots of changes but not for my blogging.

Juanita Tortilla said...

Wow. Yes, this morning caught me by surprise, and with your blog post, I am starting to reflect and feel a little sad and stressed at the same time :D

Now, I just have to flip through my planner and see what I've encountered (haha) for the last 6 months. My memory fails me as time is flying by too quickly!!!!

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