Saturday, 30 July 2011


Bet you must be wondering what on earth I am doing?

...well, this is me using a fig picker to pick...mirabelles! Yes, it wasn't until Alf started coming into the house with little yellow plums in his gob that we realised that one of the trees at the back of the house was full of mirabelles.

That day I also had a forage in my neighbour Heather's garden and came home with raspberries and beans. I got a craving last weekend for crêpes after missing out on the pancake action in February. So I decided that the raspberries will be enjoyed eaten with crêpes and honey. Unusual combo but it worked!

Home-made cherry jam on crêpes rocks too!

Since I am a jam-making fiend now, I used my 1 kg of mirabelles to make some jam following a recipe found on a blog called "Lucy's kitchen notebook". First of all, you must cover the stonned mirabelles in sugar and leave overnight...

... this gets their juices flowing!

Then, you bring the mirabelles to a boil long enough for the jam to set and pour in jars!


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