Friday, 22 July 2011

We can't get enough of the zoo!


We could not resist showing Mr T's parents around Zurich zoo as we were so impressed with it last time we went with my sister and the kids (here). In particular, we were very keen on spending a lot more time in their reptile section and walking through the Masaola forest (a massive tropical greenhouse where birds, lemurs and reptiles are roaming free).

This zoo is really exceptional. The thought that has gone into designing interesting enclosures for the animals, their cleanliness and the diversity of animals being shown to the public is quite impressive.

I made full use of our new camera to experiment with new settings and tried to take some interesting pictures of the animals. I hope the photos below will convince you to go and visit Zurich zoo!

Headless flamingos
Burrowing owls

Playing hide-and-seek

Blue varan

Giant Madagascan day gecko

Fruit bat about to take off

Plenty to see in the leaf litter too!

Chameleon in the rain

What's your favourite animal?


Lucy said...

Brilliant pic of the fruitbat and I love those sleeping flamingoes! I think my favourite animal might be the tapir just because they're so odd looking :)

Made in Suisse said...

They did have tapirs and ant-eaters at the zoo. It was the first time i'd seen one and thought they were seriously (and oddly) cute!

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