Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Fasnacht...a Swiss oddity

We’re coming towards the end of Fasnacht (carnival) season here in la Suisse. Pancakes were made and were eaten

Speculoos spread: the Dutch's answer to Nutella!

And the whole of Switzerland has behaved very strangely for a few days with people drinking/partying/littering  the streets, and generally walking around with a smile on their face… the last few days have felt very un-Swiss-like.
 We kicked off fasnacht with a trip back to Meilen on Sunday to attend the little street parade there and meet up with some old neighbours. The street parade started promptly at 14.14 with some canon shots and a rain of confetti on the crowd.

A confetti hangover the morning after the night before...

The Meilen fasnacht was a very small local affair but the parade along the station road lasted for about an hour during which we saw:
the Flintstone family, complete with their prehistoric car and mobile grill!...

…people making fun of the Swiss national bank (very un-Swiss I told you!)…

…some very scary-looking old ladies (some kids were in tears)…

… Death and some local grave diggers…

…but the highlight of the Meilen fasnacht had to be the Meilen guys from the Schneider recycling center, picking people from the crowd to throw in a confetti bath and shaking their bums to their very own song, recorded for the purpose of the fasnacht. Without further delay, I present you with the “Schneider” internet sensation.

This tune is so catchy, you’re bound to sing along even if you don’t speak Swiss german!
Come back soon for pictures of the biggest Carnival in Switzerland which I went to in Basel on Monday. It was madness!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Cold doesn't even begin to describe...

... how I feel everytime I step out of my front door! I mean, we are not the only one in Europe to have been hit by this cold front from Russia, but we are having it bad in la Suisse!

I would defy you to find a working public fountain in our neighbourhood:

and yes, this is a picture of the river Aare half-frozen.

With temperatures barely going higher than -15 celsius during the day, Alf's whiskers actually freeze and we have to dress up for an expedition to the North pole when we go for walks.

I wonder how our garden birds manage in this weather, they certainly seem to appreciate being given some food!

Wrap up warm peeps and stay indoors if you can!

PS: Thank to my friend Ashley for being brave enough to remove her gloves to take these pictures at the weekend!
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