Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Something to look at...

I must admit that the concept of knitting tea towels seemed very strange, if not pointless, the first time I came across it...surely you wouldn't want to wipe and dry your hands on something that has been knitted...

I then saw pictures of knitted tea towels on Ravelry (don't forget you can click on the Ravelry button on my left handside bar to find me there) and decided to give the Mitered Hanging Towel pattern by  Cristina Bernardi Shiffman a go. That was almost 3 years ago and a few weeks back I completed my third knitted tea towel.

Not that I have changed my mind about drying my wet hands on them...I just like to see them hang in my kitchen but I would never dare use them as tea towels. Is that sad?? (well, actually you don't have to reply to that one).

Am I the only one making things and then not using them as they were intended because they're too pretty?

Monday, 27 August 2012

Hallwyl Wasserschloss


Thank you everyone for your kind comments on my last post introducing the new little man in my life :-)
We have all been away from home quite a bit recently and I haven't had the chance to post on here for a few weeks. Actually, I still have posts from July which haven't been published so today I thought I'd start by keeping you updated on our July adventures and makes before moving on to more recent happenings.

This was one of the last long walks I did with Mr T and Alf while still pregnant back in July. We are the new owner of a car and can now venture further afield at weekends. We decided to explore canton Aargau a bit and took a 20 minutes drive to Hallwyl Wasserschloss.

Wikipedia tells us that Hallwyl castle is one of the most important moated castles in  Switzerland, located on two islands in the River Aabach and dating from the 12th century. Hallwyl Castle was the home castle of the Lords of Hallwyl, who owned the surrounding land and parts of the lake as their personal property.

The castle is fairly unusual and well worth seeing. If your German is better than ours, you could even visit the inside of the castle as tours run frequently during the opening season. We decided to take in the sight by walking around the castle before proceeding to walk to Lake Hallwyl.

The lake is part of a nature reserve and there are many water birds and fish to be spotted on the way...

It is possible to walk all around the lake although I would imagine it to take quite a while and I wasn't up to the challenge dragging an extra 12kg so we just walked for 90 minutes before turning back. Despite it being a short walk, we spotted some interesting things...


We hadn't chosen the best day for a picnic, the weather was grey and threatening for the best part of our trip and we had to take shelter at several occasions to avoid torrential downpours!

We will definitely be back on a sunny day for some more walking as the path around the lake looks pram-friendly!

Monday, 13 August 2012

A Special Handmade Monday

Here is what I made during the last 2 weeks I have been away from Handmade Monday...

Baby Suisse came 3 weeks early and in France on August 1st like a true Swiss patriot!
Now I really need to get that mobile finished...

Pop over to Wendy's Handmade Monday to see some actual crafting :-)
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