About me

Grüezi and welcome to my little corner of the world!

I am a French scientist in her late-twenties who has now been living in La Suisse for 18 months. After a short stint living in Meilen on the shore of lake Zürich  Mr T and I have now taken up residence in Brugg, a small town  between Basel, Bern and Zürich. We are expecting many sleepless nights from August onwards with the arrival of Baby Suisse

In this blog, I will try and share with you the discoveries I make in my new home country, my passion for crafts and hand-made things, as well as my musings on life in a foreign country. Oh, this is Alf by the way who will be accompanying me on some of my adventures. I'll keep you updated on what we get up to.

Please do not be shy if you'd like to comment on any of my posts. I would be delighted to hear from you. Merci!
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