Saturday, 28 April 2012

A belated Christmas present

I have had a bit of money sat in my bank account from my parents since Christmas which I did not know how to spend...Highly unusual for me I know ;-) but the end of last year/ beginning of 2012 have been unusually gloomy weather-wise and because of Baby Suisse-related tiredness so I had no inclination to hit the shop to look for that something special.

I knew I could rely on my local Shabby Treasures shop for inspiration. You may remember this is where I got my antique rocking chair from. After looking around for 10 minutes trying to mentally make a list of the items I liked the most since my budget wouldn't stretch to buying the whole shop, I came home with a beautiful cake stand and glass serving dish.

And what a better way of celebrating my finds than baking a chocolate cake to showcase the cake stand :-)

Thursday, 26 April 2012

A time of growth...

Hello everyone!

It is nice to be back in la Suisse in time for the return of the sunshine. I have spent 2 and 1/2 weeks in the last 4 weeks abroad for work and I have missed being home. It was absolutely lovely being back in the UK for a while and I hope Mr T will be able to join me next time.

A lot of things have been growing in the last few weeks, from my tulips... our squash seedlings...

... tomato and pepper seedlings

...and last but not least my belly!

A few days shy of 6 months...thank god for loose summer dresses!

I'll try and get back on track with my blogging, I have a few things up my sleeve to show you!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

First barbecue of the year

Gosh...I can't believe it is April already and I have just got around to posting about the barbecue we had  back in March in Wetzikon. The end of March has been busy with a work-related trip to Glasgow with plenty of opportunities to catch up with old Glaswegians friends and followed by a weekend in Mr T's family in North Yorkshire. I am off again on Friday to Scotland for work for 10 days so this Easter weekend has been spent catching up on rest on household chores. This next trip will likely be my last trip to the UK until Baby Suisse is born as I will not be allowed on a plane for much longer... I will skip the embarassing story at Basel airport when the security officer asked me what I was smuggling under my top (doh!...a baby!) and show you some pics of the woods in Wetzikon where we went for a stroll and a barbecue with some friends a few weeks back to celebrate the beginning of Spring.

Swiss woodlands are full of unexpected wood sculptures but the one in Wetzikon has some really original ones!

The walks in this woodland are very pleasant and the several water features break up the monotony of the trees.

Frog spawn
Not that it was a particular hot day that day but Alf decided to spend the day climbing rocks...

...and most importantly playing in the river!

... resulting in one very wet otter dog!

To top up a very fun day, a barbecue was had in one of the communal barbecue areas kindly provided and maintained by the council in the woodlands

Great spot for a barbecue!

I hope you've all had a very nice Easter weekend. Mine was spent sewing a dress for a friend's birthday which I hope to be able to reveal soon!
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