Saturday, 28 April 2012

A belated Christmas present

I have had a bit of money sat in my bank account from my parents since Christmas which I did not know how to spend...Highly unusual for me I know ;-) but the end of last year/ beginning of 2012 have been unusually gloomy weather-wise and because of Baby Suisse-related tiredness so I had no inclination to hit the shop to look for that something special.

I knew I could rely on my local Shabby Treasures shop for inspiration. You may remember this is where I got my antique rocking chair from. After looking around for 10 minutes trying to mentally make a list of the items I liked the most since my budget wouldn't stretch to buying the whole shop, I came home with a beautiful cake stand and glass serving dish.

And what a better way of celebrating my finds than baking a chocolate cake to showcase the cake stand :-)

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