Sunday, 6 May 2012

Swiss farmers' fair

My job does have its may remember last year when I spent an afternoon in the beautiful Emmental region visiting a cheese factory and cattle farms and eating my way through a gigantic cheese and meat platter? Well, I spent last wednesday morning visiting the BEA, the annual Swiss farmers' fair which took place in Bern this year. It is a very popular event that takes place for 10 days and I was lucky to get a free pass through work and decided to get there at 9am to beat the crowd.

The exhibition center in Wankdorf (just outside Bern) is huge and there were many different exhibition halls with different themes. Needless to say I spent a lot of time with the farm animals and near the food stalls! Here's an overview of what you could have spotted at the BEA:

A hair brush for cows

a rather scary 1100kg bull

seriously cute cows

and the proof that cows do actually sleep!

a novel way of "roasting" piglets

and some seriously chic birds

The Swiss horse show was taking place alongside the BEA so you could sit down to watch demonstrations of how clever trained equids can be!

My favourite part though was the dog section where you could spot many of the Swiss dog breeds, most of which are working dogs

Farming is not just about animals and there was a very nice hall decorated with a vegetable landscape that included an artificial river with remote-controlled boats!

There was a small but interesting section with some traditional clothes and crafts

and last but not least, a detour through the food court was compulsory before leaving!

Now, if only every day at work was like this...(sigh)

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