Saturday, 26 May 2012

Small animal fair

As I am thinking of packing our bag for our trip to Meilen tomorrow (for some local fish and chips on the beach!), I have just remembered that I haven't blogged about our last trip back to Meilen 2 weeks ago when we went to visit the annual small animal fair. Mr T had already been back in 2011 but I was away at the time, looking after my niece and nephew in Montpellier for 3 weeks some of you may remember.

So this year we headed back to Meilen to visit the fair and have some lunch with our Meilen friends. It is a fairly small affair mostly designed for children who love to come and look at all the rabbits and chickens.

Perhaps because it is designed with children in mind, the local authorities has dressed up the naked statue that stands on the beach in Meilen...only in Switzerland!

Within 10 meters, you can witness the Ugly

the Vicious

and the Impossibly Cute

Any trip to Meilen wouldn't be complete without sitting down to some local produces for lunch (I am sooo looking forward to my fish and chips tomorrow!)

Swiss folklore music included!

Great times :-)

Have local fairs started in your neighbouring with the return of the sunshine?

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