Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Tis the season to be gardening

My oh my...if i'd known that 2012 would be such a terribly exciting/busy/exhausting/unpredictable year, I would not have believed it! Work has been ridiculously busy for the last six months and it isn't getting easier for me to strike a good work/rest balance despite already being 31 weeks into my pregnancy.

As a result, I have been neglecting this little blog quite severely and it is making me sad as I used to take such pleasure in writing regular posts and seeing what others were up to. Not that I don't enjoy writing posts anymore but I just find it harder to finds items of my day to day life that may be of interest to others as no-one (not even myself) want to know about swollen ankles, keeping stretch marks at bay, endless meetings, preparing lectures...BORING! I was hoping as time went by that I'd be less busy at work and would have time to enjoy some crafting in preparation of Baby Suisse's arrival, some afternoons off to go and explore new areas, time for baking/preserving...all things that I used to routinely share with you. But no no no, I still struggle to find 5 minutes to do mondane things such as finding time to put nail varnish on, let alone anything else that requires more of my time or energy...

But anyways, Mr T and I (well mostly him to be honest) have spent some time planting some seeds earlier in the spring in order to grow a small garden and take advantage of the small outdoor space and terrace we have here in Brugg. So I'll share a few pics of our recent gardening effort for now to keep you busy until I find time to write about our recent holiday in Morzine, the BIG event that is taking place next week and my slow progress in the crafting department...

Courgettes (pre-slug invasion and heat-wave...not looking so good just now!)

Pepper plant (so small we're still wondering whether it will produce any fruit this summer but one can hope...)

One of three tomato plants

Some thyme and lavender

and a first small crop of rhubarb that was growing of its own accord in an abandonned corner of our garden

To these we have now added three varieties of beans and some squashes which remind me I should go out again and take some more recent pictures as additions have been made in the last couple of weeks since these were taken.

I look forward to sharing more of the last few weeks with you soon :-)

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