Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Ta dah!!!

Ladies and gentlemen,

After what felt like the Gobi desert of craft these last few months, I finally have a finished project to reveal!!You may remember that my first handmade dress back in September last year was a labour of love (and frustration) but that thanks to my lovely friend Heather who had guided me step by step the dress was a success and sent me on a crafty high.

The next challenge was going to be recreating the magic on my own this time, not for myself (because of baby bump) but for a friend back in Glasgow whose birthday was in April. Knowing my own sewing limitations (and my patience...), I decided to go for a more simple design for the dress this time to limit the (pardon my French) co** up opportunities. Some tartan light cotton fabric was bought online and THE dress was created over the 4 days Easter weekend:

So yes, it did not go all smoothly and I have learned a lot making that dress so that the next solo project should look slightly less handmade but... I DID IT!! I made a dress on my own!

So now, my poor friend Ashley has to actually be seen in public wearing it...poisoned chalice??

Some actual talent can be here over at Wendy's!

1 comment:

Juanita Tortilla said...

I'm certain your friend Ashley is appreciating this labour of love very much. Well done on your second dress!

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