Friday, 29 July 2011

Rapperswil part III: snapshots of the town

Bonjour everyone!

Thank you for the kind wishes sent my way on Tuesday regarding the job interview. Although I don't know yet whether I have been successful, the 3 hours interview (sooo long) did go well and I managed to spend a couple of hours walking around Bern old town. I never imagined Bern to be quite so different from Zurich (or so far away from Meilen: it is a 2 hours and a bit commute door to door...) and I am quite excited to show you some of the pics I have taken.

I am writing today my third and last post on my visit to Rapperswil (almost 2 weeks ago). My first post focused on the old town square and the castle while the second took you on a tour of the rose gardens. This post will be an assortment of snapshots taken in the streets of the old town which I hope will give you a better feel for the place. Enjoy your tour!

I find walking around old medieval streets to be both mind-blowing (I mean it is like travelling back in time!) and sometimes a bit scary when you start to imagine how dark and smelly those streets would have been back then. Some of the houses in Rapperswil date back from 1630! Isn't it amazing?

Even some old wooden houses were still standing up after all this time (although I don't know how much of the original woodwork remains)

It is clear looking at some of these houses that they belonged to some wealthy people as so much care (and money) must have gone into every details, from doorways... sundials and painted walls

 You can also find some quirky modifications added to these old houses like this cat ladder. Genius!

Finally, I just want to share with you what must be one of my favourite new shops! Rapperswil's old town is full of quirky little boutiques, there are virtually no shop chains (they must all be in the new town) and you could spend hours window shopping! Tucked away in one of these little streets, we came across a dog boutique called Zampetta.

I was devastated to find out it was closed on a Tuesday (the day we visited) as I was desperate to go in and have a look! I am not one to buy unnecessary expensive accessories for my dog but some of the things in the shop were seriously funny and cute. I had a look on their website when I got home and decided that I must return. Some of the dog houses and beds on the website would require a bank loan/mortgage but I can totally imagine people in Zurich paying that amount of money for their dogs! Maybe I'll just get a food bowl or something small for Alf...

Thank you for dropping by today. I will sort my Bern photos this weekend to share them with you in a future post. Bye for now!


Juanita Tortilla said...

We brought our guests to Rapperswil last weekend, and they liked the castle. Too bad, neither of us wanted to fork out cash to see the Polish museum...
If I knew about this doggie shop when I brought my sister to visit Rapperswil a few years ago, she would have been stuck there for hours! (She's a doggie kind of person :D)

Lucy said...

Look at that cat ladder! I can't see my cats using anything like that, they're far too obtuse!

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