Sunday, 10 July 2011

From ladette to lady...

Do any of you know the British reality-TV show "Ladette to Lady"? It is trash TV but I must admit that I used to enjoy watching the occasional episode every now and again. There's nothing like laughing at other people to make you feel better sometimes. Anyhow, just in case you have been too busy indulging in intellectual endeavours or simply don't have British TV, here is a snapshot of what you have missed (or not...I'll let you decide)

Incidentally, this is the transformation that has taken place with Mrs Cool Cat. She has been transformed from a rough cat wearing Primark clothes... a sophisticated, designer-gown wearing belle!

Thanks to my lovely neighbour Heather, I have been able to sew a new dress for Mrs Cool Cat. With a lot of patience, Heather and I have tried to make sense of that pattern again and we did a much better job than my first attempt. The dress has proper sleeves now and can be fastened at the back. I can actually put a photo of the back of the dress this time as I was too ashamed of it last time.

It still took us about 3 hours to complete this which, given this is a garment for a toy, is still a lot of time...but I am quite satisfied with the end result.

Have any of you been crafting this weekend?
I have mostly been busy making jam and chutneys but I have started on a new knitting project which already looks quite promising... Do come back next week when I'll tell you all about it in more details.

1 comment:

Lucy said...

You're right it is compulsive viewing!

The new dress is brilliant, well done! I always think making clothes for toys/dolls/Barbies must be so much harder than for real people just because it must be so fiddly!

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