Sunday, 24 July 2011

Rapperswil part I

So, yesterday I left you on the boat just when we were arriving in  Rapperswil and we could just about make out the top of the castle.

Here it is again
We had no plans before setting off to Rapperswil so we decided to have a walk around the old town. The old town is only a few minutes walk from the ferry terminal and it is so quirky and beautiful that you could happily spend a full day walking around, stopping for cakes and doing a lot of window shopping.

As we got off the ferry, the first thing we saw was this amazing painted house. I didn't record its name or age but I seem to remember this was a family house for a local doctor (but then again, I wouldn't bet my life on it).

As you walk in the old town, you soon reach the main square underneath Rapperswil castle with its large fountain and cafes (we stopped for lunch at one of them and managed to catch 30 minutes of sunshine whilst sat at the was soo nice!)

Looking up towards the castle
 Many old buildings have sun dials on their walls, the one that adorns the castle tower being just one example.

View from the top of the stairs that lead from the square to the castle:

No, the weather hadn't gone mad, I was just playing with the settings on my camera!

There is a Polish museum inside the castle that you can go and visit but we decided to just continue exploring the grounds and the old streets surrounding the castle. There is a restaurant inside the castle courtyard that had been beautifully covered with a fancy plastic sheet so that diners could eat outside in all weathers. That would be a stunning place to have a wedding reception!

This courtyard led to another smaller one with a small rose garden and looked into the church

Looking over the rooftops from the castle, you should be able to see the Obersee and the Alps but we could not spot much. Beautiful roofs though!

I have so many nice photos of Rapperswil and so many good memories that I have split this post into 3! Do come back to hear more about the old town and about the rose gardens!

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Danielle Bailey said...

It seems that you really had a wonderful journey in Rapperswil. Visiting places can also give you an idea about various architectural designs that reflect the culture and lifestyle of the people. These buildings have been here for quite a while, for materials that are centuries old, they’re really sturdy.

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