Sunday, 5 June 2011

A perfect Sunday

Good evening everyone and welcome to the new Made in Suisse look! What do you think?

I hope you've all had a Sunday as blissful as we've had at casa Made in Suisse. It all started with a breakfast Made in Suisse i.e. home-baked brioche (note to self: I must post about my "I can't live without" bread machine) and some of yesterday's redcurrant jelly...

Alf was getting restless, chewing bits of wood so we went on a long walk to Männedorf where there is a beach dogs can go onto and have a swim in the lake.

I forgot my camera so no photos of this morning but we came back just in time to witness a storm on the other side of the lake from the safety of our living room! I managed to fit in some knitting while waiting for the storm to pass.

It was all over in 30 minutes and the summery weather resumed. A trip to the beach was on the cards for the afternoon. We are very lucky to have a private beach in Obermeilen. The beach is only open to residents (although no one would ask you where you live- that's the Swiss trust system you see) and very family-oriented and it is a lovely relaxed place to go for a swim.

We came across a swan and her cygnets and I stood there snapping away for a few minutes. It was so funny to see them swim together.

I have just learnt to do collages in Picasa so I may become a bit collage-happy in the coming weeks!
 We came back home late afternoon and lit the barbecue...what the perfect end to a perfect Sunday!

Now, I am watching Jackass 3.5 the movie and I'd better post this before I die laughing my head off!


Juanita Tortilla said...

Don't you have a spectacular view on your wide open terrace!

You know, I haven't spotted any baby swans yet. Not sure why there are more ducks than swans here by Maur :D

Lucy said...

That's a brilliant picture of the storm! All the others make me very jealous!

Florence and Mary said...

I want to hear more about the breadmaker! I'm tempted to buy one myself,

Victoria xx

Anonymous said...

Sounds fab! Homemade brioche mmmm I would love to try that! I saw Jackass 3.5, it made me feel so sick ugh!

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