Monday, 6 June 2011

Guest blogger: Alf on his daily walk

It has been ages since I was last allowed to guest blog on here and I feel unfairly treated. I am the star of this blog after all.

Since everyday things are sometimes the most beautiful (I am a very philosophical dog), here are a few snapshots of what I get up to on my daily walks. This is the short thirty minutes circuit we do when we are in a bit of a hurry.

It starts here on a path near to the house and where I walk past farms, vineyards, orchards and an old livestock water trough where I often have a bath, erm I mean have a drink.

That's me leading the way as always...

We turn right at the end of the path just when we get a view of Uetikon church

We walk down and enter Obermeilen where I like to play in the field near the allotments

Now you see me...
Now you don't!
Next we follow the stream for a while and if it is a hot day I'll lie down in the stream for a bit to cool down...

And then we're home!

I shall insist on having more regular posts on here! Please send any fan mail as a comment to this post, it will get forwarded...Chao!

PS: My mummy is very excited and happy today because her residence permit for Switzerland has been extended until January while she is looking for work!


Juanita Tortilla said...

Aren't you one lucky dog, Alf :)

Hooray -- that means you get an extended pet permit too, to stay with Mommy.

Anonymous said...

What a fab route for a walk, my 2 pups would love it there :) PS - Well done to your mummy x

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