Monday, 27 June 2011

Hello hello!

We have just returned from our four days trip to Yorkshire/Glasgow and I was hoping to be able to blog about the rolling moors, the sheep and the wonderful city of Glasgow but lack of time + Mr T's slipped disk + lack of car = no interesting travel post to share with you :-(

We had a great time in Glasgow seeing friends we miss very much and celebrating Mr T's PhD graduation. It was also lovely seeing Mr T's family and spending time with the little ones. I was very excited to see that a new wool shop had opened in Mr T's village so I went to have a look. Jo, the lovely lady at Just Unwind, was ever so helpful and patient while I spent 30 minutes having a nosey. I did not buy anything but she had some gorgeous yarn and am considering putting in an order that my mother-in-law can deliver next month when she comes to visit!

We've only been gone for 4 days but plants in the gardens have suddenly grown and one of our squash plant is slowly taking over the world...

Alf was very grumpy to see us leave but forgave us because we brought a little pressie back from Mr T's mum.

The coolest dog in Meilen!

Right, I hope I'll have a slightly more sensational post to share with you all later this week!


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time! Love ALf's little scarf!

Lucy said...

Not surprised the plants are growing well in that lovely sunshine! :)

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