Saturday, 18 June 2011

A labour of love

Started way back in January and on the needles (on and off) for almost 6 months, I am now proud to present my first pair of knitted socks! HURRAY!!!! I haven't been defeated by double pointed needles! I feel like I have mastered new knitting skills and feel ready for another project to take me out of my confort zone.

The sense of achievement was somewhat tarnished by the photo below, when I realised that I started shaping the toe in the wrong place and that I now have these unsightly stitches on top of the socks. Doh!

Well, I guess this is a good example of learning by making mistakes. The next pair should be an improvement! I have already bought the wool ;-)

PS: If anyone is interested, here is the link to the simple pattern I used to make the socks.


Petit Filoux said...

wow amazing!!! so so cool, i'm no way near trying dpns again, can't stand them! very very impressed, even with the stitches on the top lol

JuanitaTortilla said...

Hee....... Hey, still, they are socks!!!

I have been knitting since 2004. And I have NEVER made a pair of socks. *gulp*. Been avoiding it, because I know for sure that I will be too bored to make the second sock :D

June said...

Don't be hard on yourself, they look great! That's one of my winter projects - never made them before, so a little scary. If they turn out anywhere near like yours, I'd be happy.

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