Friday, 10 June 2011

Today I have...

...been volunteering to help fellow scientists at the University of Zürich working on chytrid fungi which have been decimating amphibian populations worldwide. You may remember Alf and I going on newt adventures in March ( I posted about it here and here). Today, I left Alf at home with Mr T (who is off work with a ruptured disc in his back...ouch) and went to catch some tadpoles. Mucho fun!

The coloured marks on the tadpoles head are to locate the tag that had been inserted under the skin.
Some of the tadpoles had already metamorphosed into froglets and were trying to jump off my net...

It was lovely spending the morning outside in Irchel park working with animals.

No amphibians were harmed in the making of this post ;-)

PS: Alf wishes to thank Juanita for his fan mail!

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Juanita Tortilla said...

No problemo Alfie! :D

Funny thing -- I love to look at frog's eggs and tadpoles. But once they morph into frogs, they are no longer appealing to me.
It has been a looooooong while since my days of Biology (I majored in Biology. Who would have believed that???)... so it is refreshing to hear of such things in your blog :)

P.S. I would like to change my 'cannot live without kitchen gadget' to... my slow-cooker. I use it once a week!!!

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