Monday, 28 March 2011

Willkommen in Meilen

Welcome to Switzerland (or more specifically to Meilen as viewed from my balcony). We moved to Meilen early in January this year after Mr T got offered a job in neighbouring Zürich. We live on the top floor of a converted family house with amazing views on Lake Zürich and the mountains. 

Meilen is a small town on what is known here as the "Gold Coast" (or Goldküste) on the north bank of Lake Zürich. The Gold Coast has a seriously high concentration of millionaires per square km, even by Swiss standards! Tina Turner has been living in a nearby town on the Goldküste for the last 20 years...

Meilen has the combined benefits of being 15 minutes on the train from Zürich while retaining a real sense of community and some of its more rural heritage with its remaining working farms and vineyards. I have just found out on Wikipedia that 47% of Meilen's land area is used for agricultural purposes, while 24% is forested! That's a lot of green space!

After 7 years spent living in the busy West End of Glasgow, we still find it strange having access to so much green space on our doorstep but we have welcomed and embrassed the change of scenery and life style. Living in a house with a garden and near a forest and fields means that we have finally been able to do something we have been wanting for a long time: adopting a dog! Alf has joined our household 4 weeks ago now and will make regular appearances on this blog. Alf will have his own introductory post in the near future.

Do come back to see more of Meilen's inhabitants and local life!

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