Sunday, 27 March 2011

Giving credit where it is due

Before telling you about my new life in Switzerland and the little discoveries I have made in the past couple of months, I would like to thank my friend Petit Filoux who has opened to me the world of blogging and whose wonderful blog ( is full of little happy snippets of her life back in England. She has been an inspiration to me for many years, first as a school friend (she always got better geology grades!) and more recently as a gifted crafter.

The idea of a blog came from Mr T (aka the boyfriend) who suggested that starting a blog who provide a great incentive to keep all our friends back home updated on all the small details of our new life in Switzerland as well as connect with new ones from all over the world (maybe I am getting a little bit ahead of myself?). And more importantly, running the blog will likely help me retain my sanity over the next few months while I will be experiencing the sorry state of being "between jobs" (aka unemployed) in a new country. Right, let's keep a positive mental attitude and start this journey!

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