Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Guest blogger

Hello dear readers,

My name is Alf and I will be a guest blogger on Made in Suisse today.

I hope to share some of my mistress' adventures around La Suisse and to report back to my admirers from all around the world...

I was born in Hungary (so they say) from nondescript parents and was later found as a puppy abandonned with a chain around my neck (sniff sniff).

I was taken to a refuge in Switzerland where I was adopted and then later reabandonned (sniff sniff sniff).

Five weeks ago I managed to convince a couple to give me a third chance and I have very quickly settled into the casa Made in Suisse! And now, check me out, I am the start of my own blog!!

I like working on my tan...

I am particularly found of stealing shoes and falling asleep with them...

And I like doing poses for the camera (I am a natural!)

Now if you excuse me dear readers, I have just been for a 8km run and I need to have a quick nap. Please drop by soon to see what I have been up to!

Licks from yours truly,

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