Wednesday, 13 April 2011

At last, a crafty FO

Good morning one and all,

I have at last one crafty FO to showcase after 3 months in Switzerland! Well, not strictly true, I had to knit Mr T a Kindle pouch in January but practical things don't really count. I have been kinda lazy craft-wise since moving to Switzerland. First of all, I did not receive my moving boxes from Scotland until mid-February so I did not have my craft suitcase with me (yes, that's how big it is!). And then, I guess I enjoyed having a bit of a break from making things. I did miss not spending a couple of hours every evening knitting/making things but I have also for the first time in ages been able to actually watch series/movies! Anyhow, I rediscovered bits of leftover felt and wool at the weekend and decided to sit down on the balcony and attempt to make something vaguely pretty with whatever was at hand.

The resulting FO will not be winning any craft achievement of the year award but this little wreath does cheer up my front door and, more importantly, has given me the motivation to finish WIPs that have been lying around for a few weeks now (and which include 3/4 of one knitted sock and 70% of a baby blanket made of left over yarn). So, I will thrive to have some more ta-da moments to share with you in the near-ish future (the parents arrive for a 3 days stay in Switzerland this afternoon, that is if they don't get lost on their 6 hours drive from France...).


PS: the snowman's head on Monday exploded after 10min and 56s I was told, forecasting a good summer in Switzerland. I can't think of a more unreliable way of predicting the weather!! (maybe that is the sceptic scientist in me???)


Petit Filoux said...

J'adore, c'est trop mignon!!!! T'as fait comment (enrouler la laine autour d'un wreath en polystirene?) - moi maintenant je veux voir les socks!!!

Made in Suisse said...

Merci!!! Oui, tu as tout compris, c'est une couronne en polystirene avec de la laine enroulee autour. C'etait le restant d'une seule pelote qui est toute bariolee comme ca. Apres j'ai fait l'oiseau et le noeud pap avec de la feutrine. Pour les chaussettes, je vais au moins attendre d'en avoir fini une car la c'est un peu la honte!!

BugsandFishes said...

The wreath looks fab! Best of luck finishing your other wips :)

Made in Suisse said...

Thank you Laura! I used some of the felt I bought from your Etsy shop to make the bird and the bow ;-)

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