Saturday, 23 April 2011

Conquering your fears

Good afternoon from Switzerland!

No, this post won't be about how I went bungee-jumping or how I have managed to look at a spider in the eyes...the fear I am talking about is... cross-stitching. Yes, you read it correctly, I had THE cross-stitching fear. It just seemed like the kind of craft that looked too fiddly, where too many things could go wrong and that required patience (a quality I wasn't gifted with at birth).

However, I do not have THE fear anymore!! Thanks to a lovely friend back in Glasgow who gave me a little cross-stitch project she had purchased from Hobbycraft I believe. The packet remained untouched on a shelf for a few months until I realised that Easter was approaching fast and I really needed to get on with it!

And you know what, I actually enjoyed making it!!! I may looking into getting a few more small projects like this. Yes, it isn't perfect (I won't show you the mess on the back...) but I did an alright job of it. Yes, it is too late now to make it into a card to send for Easter but hey I have got it ready for next year ;-)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Its lovely, well done. It was from Hobbycraft, glad you no longer have the fear x

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