Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Hello, hello and welcome back!

The Easter weekend has been busy craft-wise in la casa Made in Suisse, putting the finishing touches to the hand-made baby gifts I made for my friend A who is about to give birth at any time now. I've known A since we were 12 and I still can't believe that she is about to be a mummy...alright, I'm disgressing. So I did buy A an actual present (odourless nappy bin anyone???) but also knitted a little baby blanket and Easter rabbit soft toy.

Now, I haven't been knitting for a long time and never ventured beyond my safety zone of scarves, mittens and baby boots. I decided to embark on my longest and biggest knitting adventure with the blanket. In an attempt to reduce my wool stash, I only used wool which I had already lying around. I guess the coloured stripes work ok together, although I will definitely make sure next time that the type of cotton/wool used is the same throughout. The white yarn is thinner than the other two and it does show. Nevertheless, still a (small) success.

I made up a simple pattern, casting on 130 stitches.
Rows 1-10 knit all in colour A
Row 11 knit all colour B
Row 12 knit 10, purl 110, knit 10 in colour B
Repeat Rows 11-12 four times in colour B
Repeat Rows 11-20 in colour C etc...

Do as many stripes as you want. Finish by knitting all stiches for the last 10 rows. Cast off.

A second small gift I made in a few hours last night was this Easter bunny soft toy from a pattern freely available online here or on Ravelry (Knitted Bunny by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer).

I made a small change to the pattern by making a pompom and sewing it in place as a fluffy tail.

Both pressies will be sent along with a little lavender sachet inspired by Laura at Bugs and Fishes

Since I have finished all of my WIPs, it means that I do have to go and motivate myself to finish knitting those socks...

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