Sunday, 10 April 2011

Hey pesto!

Greetings from sunny Switzerland!

I find that there is nothing quite like picking and eating wild food. When we lived in Glasgow, there wasn't much wild food to be enjoyed apart from the occasional blackberries growing in Kelvingrove Park...
We set off this morning on a walk in a forest nearby to collect some wild garlic.

Mr T (the boyfriend) had noticed these plants growing near our house while on a walk with Alf last weekend. We returned to the spot and picked 2 small bags worth of leaves. Unlike the garlic bulbs we are used to, it is the leaves of wild garlic that you can eat and they have a delicate flavour, a cross between traditional garlic and chives. We decided to use some of the wild garlic to make a quick pesto, adding salt, pine nuts and olive oil to the wild garlic in a blender [no parmesan was allowed anywhere near the pesto as Mr T is lactose-intolerant :-(.]

The wild garlic pesto was enjoyed on some home-made bread and eaten outside. We'll try to stir it through some pasta to be enjoyed at dinner-time later this week. Have any of you been able to go out and collect some wild food lately?

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