Monday, 18 April 2011

Our traditional Sunday walk

We never used to walk this much while living in Scotland. Not that there weren't any beautiful walks to be done around Glasgow. We often planned on a Saturday to go on a walk/picnic the following day and woke up on Sunday morning, opened the curtains and quickly decided that it simply wasn't going to happen. Now, since we moved to Switzerland in January, I think we have pretty much gone on long walks every single weekends, even before adopting Alf.

Our favourite Sunday destination is the forest of Pfannenstiel

It is a steep (but beautiful) 40 minutes ascent from our house in Meilen to reach Pfannenstiel.

We always have a 5 minutes break when we reach Pfannenstiel and take in the views onto Greifen See.

Once in Pfannenstiel, there is a multitude of trails to choose from. No two walks are the same: there is always something new to see. A lovely Jay sitting on a branch, tadpoles hatching in a pond or a bracket fungus we hadn't spotted before...

Last weekend, we followed a different path that took us through a nature reserve. We were NOT disappointed by the spectacular views...

However, the cutest pictures taken that day have to be the ones of the calves on the farm just at the entrance of Pfannenstiel. I just wanted to run towards them and hug them, squeeze them and take them home!!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend wherever you were :-)

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