Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Personalised postcards

Good morning,

I was so pleased the other day to receive a small parcel from where I had ordered some personalised postcards. The variety of things you can make with your photos nowadays is astonishing and I thought I would try and have a few of my best ones printed as postcards to send to people. Can you remember where the photos were taken?

From top to bottom, left to right:
Collage of Bern fountains
Collage of Spring in my garden and in Meilen
Swiss flag flying in our garden
View of Zurich's old town
Wood sculptures at the European lumberjack competition in Pfannenstiel
Collage of Morzine's shutters and balconies
Collage of forest fungi taken from our walks in and around Morzine
Bear statue in Bern
Owl fountain in Uetikon
View of Rapperswil rooftops
Pair of mandarin ducks encounter on Kusnachter tobel

I am so pleased with them ;-)


Picto said...

What a great idea for photo's, I'm off to check out the web site.

Jan :o)

Juanita Tortilla said...

Oh that's great. The ones I see can be so cheesy, or overpriced for something I can photograph :D

zsazsazsu said...

Hi ! Found your comment on my blog about the necklace you wanted so badly. I have to disappoint you as I sold it on the handmade market I attended last sunday. I can't make it again as it where beads I bought in Istanbul, and a trip to Istanbul is not on my list for the moment ;-). I am soooo sorry !

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