Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Good evening everyone!

I feel slightly more alive today as I decided to work from home, saving myself a whooping 4 hours commute. I'd like to pretend that this extra time has gone into being more productive with my work but it has been invested in dealing with some overdue paperwork, including getting a Swiss driving licence (you have 12 months to exchange your foreign licence for a Swiss one) and applying for a longer residence permit (now that I have a job, it should be possible).

The weather in the last 3 days has been so messed up. I left for work at 6.40am on Tuesday morning complete with gloves and a scarf to fight a winter-like morning chill. Today, I am wearing shorts and spent the afternoon working on my balcony...go figure. I take it it means that Autumn is truly on its way and that the swimming costume should be packed away.

The wonderful thing that came out of this messed up weather was the sunset on Monday night here in Meilen. One minute the weather was awful, the other minute I could witness this from my balcony!

The photos truly don't give this sunset justice
I thought I would also introduce you today to the latest addition to the family...

His name is Freki and he has joined our other frogs. He belonged to the person who gave us our tadpoles (that later metamorphosed into dart frogs) and was in need of a new home as his owner was going off abroad for 1 year to work as a volunteer. Freki is about 3 years old and much bigger than our younger frogs but they are catching up with him nicely.

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my African animals. I have only had the time today to properly read and go and visit other blogs feature on Handmade Monday. The giraffe and the elephant have been named Twiga and Tembo (their names in Swahili). Some of you may have also noticed that I have (finally...) updated my Crafty goodness page, so if you want to have an overview of my crafty projects in the last 6 months, here is the place to go! I have also put up a link to my (still basic) Ravelry page on the left hand side bar which may interest fellow knitters.

Right-o, I hope you've all had a good week so far and I look forward to sharing more of mine with you this week end!
PS: I have found my first item to include in my first blog giveaway! I like it so much I have dark thoughts about keeping it! The give away will be announced when I reach my 50th follower...I am (almost) half-way there ;-)

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Florence and Mary said...

I'm off work today and I've spent it doing all the things I don't seem to have time for during the week when I'm working!!

Victoria xx

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