Friday, 9 September 2011

Exciting times

A quick post before I am off to catch a train to France where I will be spending 6 days visiting my family. I start my new job in Bern next Thursday (which I am very excited about) and wanted to spend a bit of time with my folks before life gets a bit more hectic in la Suisse.

Mr T and I also went to Brügg last night to go and visit our new home. There is still a lot of buidling work to be done but we love the place as much as we did the first time we viewed it. Brügg itself is quite different from Meilen (less bankers, more normal people) and I am looking forward to discovering more of the old town.

Bridge leading to our street
We will move on November 1st so October is going to be a quite busy (and expensive month). We will have to buy a lot of furniture for this place including a table to put in my own craft room!! I can't wait!

No photos of the inside as it is not finished yet but here is a peek of our big (shared) garden. Bet Alf is going to be happy there!

The garden and house overlook the river Aare and we are going to have splendid views from our living room.

Right, better go to the station. I hope I will have some photos from France to share with you although I may be too busy enjoying myself to remember to take pictures. Life may be a bit hectic once I start working and commuting again so I may not be able to blog as often as I did in the past. I just have to wait and see how I settled into this new phase of my life in la Suisse.

Until next time...x


zsazsazsu said...

looks like a terrific spot !

Anonymous said...

Enjoy France & good luck in the new job x

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time away! Great pictures, I love them. Good luck with your new job!!

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