Friday, 27 May 2011

A 5 minutes crafty project

Welcome back to Made in Suisse, blogging live from Zürich!

I can't emphasise how nice it is to be back home after three weeks away. I have had a lovely time in France but there's nothing like being able to do what you want in your own house! I am still unpacking and settling back in my Swiss life so this will only be a short post today.

I was very lucky to come back home not to one but to two parcels sent by some Glaswegian friends. One of them contained lots of small crafty goodies which you will discover as I put them to good use. There were some beautiful and delicate butterflies as well as uber-cute little heart-shaped pegs in the parcel which I turned into a photo display with the help of some ribbon I had in my stash.

A no-brainer 5 minutes craft project that looks fabulous. Thank you V!!!

Go and check out my Crafty Goodness page to discover what was in the second parcel...
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