Sunday, 8 May 2011

Zürcher Spielzeugmuseum

I took my nephew and niece to go and visit the toy museum in Zürich on Tuesday. The museum is located a stone throw away from the Franz Carl Weber shop, the Swiss toy shop par excellence or children's idea of Heaven. I challenge anyone going to the museum with little ones to manage to walk past the FCW store without a) stepping inside or b) tears and tantrums.

The museum is rather small and unlikely to keep you occupied for more than an hour but it makes for a very pleasant visit for both adults and children. The two older ladies who run it were very friendly and good with children and obviously very passionate about the toys displayed in the museum and their stories. They took a few toys out to show the kids how they worked and my nephew had to be physicall dragged away from the 1960's wind up cars circuit.

Many of the dolls and doll houses were very old (1860s to early 1900s) and judging by the beauty and the amount of care that went into these toys, they must have belonged to very wealthy and fortunate little girls. The train sets and little soldiers still speak as much to little boys now than they did 100 years ago!

Oh, and did I mention the best thing of all? It was free!! Lots of toys + 2 wonderful museum ladies + a bag of sweets the said ladies gave = two little happy kids!

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Florence and Mary said...

It sounds very similar to the childrens museum in London which is also free!

Victoria xx

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