Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Rhine falls

Grüezi mitenand !

The Made in Suisse household has been taken over by two very energetic children in the last few days, the place looks like a battlefield. One of my sisters and my 6 years old niece and her 4 years old brother have arrived to spend part of their Easter holidays with us in Switzerland. A small 1 bedroomed flat + 3 adults + 2 tornados + 1 confused dog = CHAOS! We have been out and about in Zürich, visiting the zoo and the toy musuem among other things but I haven't had the time to sit down for 10 minutes to sort the photos. So I thought that I'd blog today about a day trip Alf and I took last month to the Rhine falls and which I hadn't had time to blog about. I'll post about the last couple of days soon!

Do you remember the trip Alf and I took to help catch newts last month (here)? On the way, we decided to take small detour to go and see the Rhine falls, a spot which many friends had recommended. The Rhine falls are the largest waterfalls in Europe, and are located in Northern Switzerland, close to the German border. They are 150 m (450 ft) wide and 23 m (75 ft) high, and their water flow is quite impressive. It is a real tourist hotspot and there are many boats you can take that brings you very close to the falls (the sound there must be deafening!).

There is also a castle to visit nearby (theSchloss Wörth castle) and trails you can walk on each side of the waterfalls. Apart from the noise, what impressed me the most was how clear the water was, and the number of fish in the river (see photo below). There were thousands of them!!

We were in a rush and only stayed for 15 minutes to admire the falls from a distance but we are planning to come back for a full day trip with Mr T. Until then, I will leave you with a little taster of this wonderful place.

I am off to France, Montpellier to be precise, tomorrow for three weeks to look after my niece and nephew while my sister is away for work. While I am excited to go on a free holiday for three weeks in the South of France, I am dreading the tears, tantrums and daily blogging may be a little bit erratic in the near future although I hope being able to share with you some wonderful sunny places. Wish me luck!

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