Friday, 13 May 2011

Réserve du Méjean

Thursday was a good day. Everyday starting in a beauty salon having a facial is a good day. Especially when your lovely sister pays for it. She may have felt guilty about the little creases on my forehead that have appeared since I have started frowning at the kids everytime they're about to do something daft this week. Anyhow, today's post will not be about my rejuvenated skin but about the 3 hours walk I took afterwards in the Réserve du Méjean.

This nature reserve would be a patient bird watcher's heaven. Borded by the Mediterranean, the reserve is a favourite stop over for birds on their migrating route to Africa. Although a lot of the reserve is not accessible (protected areas), armed with patience and binoculars, you should be able to watch a lot of birds including some exciting ones (I must admit I find birds rather boring most of the time, unless they are big or ridiculously colourful). I did not have either (binoculars or patience) but had an enjoyable walk on the two trails that take you through the reserve.

The flamingo trail did what it said on the tin, although I almost did not spot the only 5 flamingos that were around. There were all sorts of other water birds on this little island although I was too far to really be able to identify them (possibly a cormorant, a seagull and other birds).

The trails were not well signposted but it was nice to see that they had been made wheelchair and pram friendly.

I did see a couple of herons...

Some colourful ducks... (I did warn you my knowledge of birds was very limited!)

But my favourites were the stork chicks!

I'm hoping to go on some more adventures this weekend to discover a region of France I know nothing about. That's the plan anyway, but we'll see what the kids have to say about it...

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