Friday, 6 May 2011

Sunday boozy sunday

Meilen has a lot of vineyards, and although only three wine producers remain today, it used to be one of the biggest wine-producing area in the canton.

Started a few years ago by a handful of wine producers, the offene Weinkeller (or vineyard open day to you and me) on the 1st of May , now sees about 20 wineries along the lakeside opening their cellar doors and welcoming everybody to taste the new vintage wines.

Last Sunday, we went to visit one of our local winemaker in Meilen, Herman Schwarzenbach,  whose family has been cultivating grapes in Meilen for five generations now. While the sight of the magnificently carved huge wine barrels was something...

This is a Meilen scene carved on a wine barrel!

This was my favourite bit!

Plenty of wine to be had for free first in the cellar then outside sat in the sun eating some freshly caught fish from our local fisherman = a wonderful day. I had intended to take loads of photos of the open day but then got drunk...typical!

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Petit Filoux said...

If I tell P about this he'll be booking us on the first flight over!!

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