Friday, 6 May 2011

Update on Posh & Beaks

The Beakhams are still rather ugly and very much still hungry!! Their eyes are starting to open (can you see the beginning of a slit?) and they are also starting to get a few more down feathers. Both Posh and Beaks are now on constant feeding duty, bringing lots of caterpillar to feed the noisy little beggers. I have now left for France and I am a little bit sad that I will not see them grow and fledge. The whole family will likely be gone by the time I come home in 3 weeks. So this may be the last you see of Posh & Beaks' babies :-(

On a rather different note, if some of you readers regularly come back to the blog to hear what is happening at casa Made in Suisse, you can "follow" my blog (you only need to click a "Become a follower" widget on the blog main page). This way a) you are kept updated everytime I post something new and b) I get comfort in thinking that I am not taking to myself! My followers counter has been stuck at 5 for a while, pleeeeeaaase make it move?

If this does not work, I may have to post a photo of Alf's "I'm an adopted dog please love me" eyes to make you all give in ;-)


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