Monday, 23 May 2011

Montpellier part II

Here is the 2nd installment of the Montpellier series you have all been waiting for [I want to believe you have :-)] I loved looking at all the details carved on the various monuments I showed you yesterday. From the gargoyles to the Virgin Mary, so much delicate work has gone into producing those beautiful carvings. It is sometimes difficult to fully appreciate them as they are often located way above us and we don't tend to walk looking up (definitely not in Montpellier where people don't bother picking up their dog mess! I was truly shocked considering how clean our streets are in Switzerland and how everyone cleans up after their dogs).

That's why the zoom on cameras was invented for, so here is a little gallery of some fine examples of old stone craftmanship for you to enjoy!

La cathédrale Saint-Pierre: gargoyle

La cathédrale Saint-Pierre: front door
La place royale de Peyrou: Nature having its way

La place royale de Peyrou: carving on the château d'eau

La place royale de Peyrou: entrance
Man and snake: église Sainte Anne
Angel: église Sainte Anne

PS: This post was meant to go up on Saturday but thanks to blogger messing up it is a few days late. Apologies...I wanted to blog today about my exciting trip to Nimes at the weekend but do come back tomorrow to hear more about it!

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Emma said...


This was the actual circus at Landiwese in Zurich, it lasts over 2 hours with a break, Alessio did like it but started to get bored towards the end.

The kinderzoo in Rapperswil is a real hit with children so do go there and is easy to find if you come with train.

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