Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Snapshots from the Savoie

Morzine proved to be a very good place to indulge in our love of hiking with its 650km of trails. Even without a car, there are plenty of trails leaving from the town itself or it is very easy to take the telecabins to the top of the mountain or to a neighbouring ski resort.

Even Alf enjoyed the ride in the telecabins!

And if you don't have a dog or heart problems, then you can hop onto one of these and watch the alpine pastures under your feet! My parents came to visit us for one day and we left Alf and Mr T enjoying a drink at 1500m while we went for a quick look at the panoramic views at 2000m.

My dad playing it cool...

and what views!

The landscapes were quite varied along our walks. The first walk we did on the Sunday took us on a loop following the river Dranse running through Morzine.

Most of that walk was through woods...

... and we enjoyed discovering all the different type of fungi growing on the bark and on the ground. All different shapes and colours!

On the Monday, we set off on another 2 hours walk to the Cascade de Nyon (waterfall). We met this cutie on the way. I heart donkeys!

The waterfall was quite nice (not the Niagara falls but then again we're in France) although the path that takes you to it was quite slippery and a bit tricky at times.

These photos don't do it justice really as they were taller than they appear here and the volume of water coming down was quite impressive. Another day, we took the telecabins up to Le Pleney, a 10 minutes ride up the hill from our flat.

Up there, at 1500m, we got stunning views of the surrounding mountains

... and walked down back home, Alf leading the way as always...

It is amazing how many different types of alpine flowers you can encounter in less than 2 hours!

My favourite (although toughest) walk of all has to be the 5 hours round trip we took to the pastures of Morzinette, where cows are taken up to graze in the summer. This will have to be the topic of another post!

I hope you enjoy your little tour of the Savoie.
Maybe you can help?? I have taken photos using the panoramic option on my camera but I don't know how to piece my photos back together on my computer. I don't think I can do it using Picasa...can any of you recommend a good (and free) computer software I can dowload?


Juanita Tortilla said...

Donkies! I love cows and donkeys and goats and sheep and alpacas. Heck, all domestic animals like myself *LOL*

Alfie is sure energetic!!!! He managed those long hikes well? (I must have underestimated dogs!)

As for the panaromic pictures, I hope someone can help you with piecing them together. I edit my photos the "good old fashioned way" with Photoshop. Sorry :(

Florence and Mary said...

WOW what amazing views,

Victoria xx

Anonymous said...

Oooh I would so love it there! Would love to go in a cable car, but I am sooo scared of heights lol!

Lucy said...

Beautiful pics! Loving the donkey and the spiky mushroom in particular :) Sorry but can't help with your technical prob, I'm useless :S

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