Thursday, 4 August 2011

Chutney making

I don't like figs...well, at least I don't like eating them as fruits. First of all, picking them turns your hands into fly paper (that's how sticky they are!) and I don't like the feeling in my mouth when I chew them. Nothing to do with the taste really, I love figs in cakes, tarts, jam or long as they are cooked and not recognisable as figs.

I was torn then on Friday when my lovely neighbour Heather asked me if I wanted some figs from her garden. The cook in me said "yes" but the other me said "What are you going to make with them?".

Chutney is the answer. Five minutes on Google and I had a fig chutney recipe I quite fancied trying on Then on Saturday, after a quick trip to the supermarket, I finally had most of the ingredients needed to get started (I had to give up on using all spices as I could not work out what they may be called in German...)

The recipe is very easy. Place the sugar, onion, ginger and spices into a big pan and pour the vinegar. Bring to boil then down to a simmer until it reduces into a thick syrup. After pouring far too much vinegar last time I attempted to make chutney (you can read about it here), I learnt my lesson and poured a lot less than what the recipe called for.

Finally, add the halved figs to your syrup and simmer for a good 30 minutes until you reach this...

Just like my last batch of gooseberry chutney, this turned out to be delicious and seriously addictive. You can eat the fig chutney with some with bread, cold meats, cheeses or just as it is!

bon appétit!


Anonymous said...

Yum sounds good, I have never tried fresh figs or cooked ones for that matter lol..

Lucy said...

Ah lovely :) I love how fresh figs look cut open - so pretty! But I confess I've only ever had them in fig rolls!!

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