Friday, 5 August 2011


We will miss the view from our balcony :-(

... lots of changes coming our way!

Thanks to the positive thoughts some of you sent my way last Tuesday (and also maybe because I rocked!) I have been offered the job in Bern!!!!! YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!

I shall no longer be unemployed in La Suisse! I still haven't finalised starting date etc...but one thing is for sure, we are going to have to move. Meilen to Bern is too long a commute (2 hours and 15 min each way) so we are going to have to start looking for a new place somewhere between Bern and Zurich. We are actually viewing a house tomorrow in Brugg to get an idea of what's that area is like.

Then on Saturday, Mr T and I (and Alf) are going on holidays for a week in Morzine. Morzine is a ski resort in the French Alps. We were hoping to go on lots of walks next week but with Mr T's slipped disc we'll see what we can manage.

So, I shall catch up with you all in about 10 days time!

À bientôt! x


Lucy said...

Ahh, felicitations! Brilliant news, but yeah shame about the view! BEst of lck house hunting and havea fab weekend! x

Anonymous said...

Yay congrats, hope you find another lovely place to live :)

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