Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A spot of thrifting

I do loove it when I find a real bargain! I wasn't so much into charity shops in the UK for some reason. Unlike A Thrifty Mrs who is the absolute goddess of thrifting and bargain hunting in English charity shops, I never managed to find anything I liked or that wasn't ridiculously priced in charity shops in Glasgow. However, A Thrifty Mrs always seems to uncover some little jewels in the charity shops in her neighbourhood and you can read about them on her fabulous blog (see Sunday's post for example). However, since moving in la Suisse, I have been loving the brockis (2nd hand shops) in Meilen and have even found some nice bargains there (you can read about it here).

But, hang on a minute...what's better than a bargain?? Free stuff I hear you say?! Yaaas!

La Suisse is very good with their recycling scheme and lorries will come by your house several times a month to pick up papers, metal, cardboard, unwanted furniture etc... The other day while out with Alf, I found this little metal table and watering can outside a house waiting to be picked up by the recycling lorry. Surely, their previous owner would not mind them going to a good home rather than to the tip or recycling center?

So I walked away with my dog and the watering can in one hand, and the small table under my other arm. I knew straight away that the little table would be perfect on our terrace to put our drinks on while we sat outside to catch the last of the sun when Mr T comes back from work. It also holds drink bottles on the lower tray... not that I need any encouragement to open a bottle of wine on a sunny evening...

The watering can is also great for displaying flowers in. I cut these beauties in our garden at the weekend to make a colourful addition to our dining room table. Free watering can + free flower = free excitement. It is a scientific fact!

Speaking of free delights, we also have lavender growing in the garden which gave me a good excuse to get my favourite jug out!

"When life gets you down, bake cake"
Now, I am one happy thrifter!

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Lucy said...

Very nice! You could put plant pots in the bottle holder bits at the bottom too! x

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