Friday, 20 January 2012

Little vandals

I received a very thoughtful and useful present from our Meilen friends at Christmas in the shape of a bird feeder. We used to have bird feeders and nest boxes on our balcony in Meilen but we had nothing in our new house in Brugg. We couldn’t find anywhere safe to hang the feeder or attach it to the wall, so Mr T came back one afternoon with my bird feeder on a long stick standing on a parasol base…

I guess it does the job! We used to see blue tits and great tits on our balcony all the time in Meilen but I kept looking at my bird feeder and not see evidence of birds using it. I mean it’s cold enough outside (below zero temperatures  day and night) for birds to accept a helping hands… It was mystery until I actually stepped onto my balcony and saw the mess those little vandals have been making. I mean there were more seeds chucked on the floor than there were in the feeder.

Sitting on our of our comfy chairs in the living room on Saturday, I kept an eye on the bird feeder to see who was coming to eat and I actually spotted two birds using the feeder which I was pleased about. They are a bit messy with their eating habits but they are cute.

I’ll leave you with a couple of pics of Alf guarding the bird feeder and enjoying the sunshine J

1 comment:

zsazsazsu said...

really surprised to see that they are soo messy with their food.
Tooo spoiled maybe by nature these days as it is such a soft winter ?

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