Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Home Sweet Home

Good morning everyone! I have finally managed to get one fairly uninterrupted night’s sleep and feel refreshed enough to write a little post this morning about our visit back to Meilen on Sunday. Both Mr T and I have been rather sleep-deprived lately and it has taken its toll…however, the beautiful sunshine we had on Sunday made us travel back to Meilen with a spring in our steps.

One of the farms near our old house in Meilen hosts a Sunday lunch once a month over the winter in conjunction with the local fisherman. The converted barn was full, and we now understand why. The menu is rather simple: fish and chips but Swiss posh fish and chips. Two types of white fish were on offer but I couldn’t get the English names for you because they are species that are only found in Swiss lakes. The farmer also has a vineyard and produces his own wine and his wife made some cakes. Everything we ate/drank (with the exception perhaps of the potatoes) came from within a 1km radius of the farm. Brilliant! Because the barn was full and busy, I felt a bit self-conscious to get the camera out to take pics of our meal but you have to trust…it was delicious.

To make space for the cakes, we decided to go for a walk with Alf after lunch on one of the loops we used to walk with him. Look at that view of the mountains! How I miss Meilen :-(

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