Sunday, 18 September 2011

Settling into a new rhythm

Hello everyone!

I can't tell you how nice it has been to catch up with all of your blogs in the last couple of days and to come home to so many lovely comments on my monday's post about my dress. Thank you SO much! I came back on wednesday night from 6 days in France, visiting one of my sisters I hadn't seen in over a year in Amiens (north of France) at the weekend and staying at my parents for 2 nights near Lyon on my way back. It was lovely to see my niece who had changed so much in the last 12 months!

She is still a cheeky monkey and a bit of a handful at times but I loved spending 3 days with her. I also met the latest addition to my sister's family... adorable 3 months old kitten who runs riot around the flat! It was so funny to see my niece and the kitten play together and I must say that I admire the latter's patience! The weekend was spent clothes shopping (I needed a "working" wardrobe and France is so much cheaper!) and spending time at the farm where my sister keeps her horse.

My niece isn't 3 years old yet but you should see her with the horse...fearless! She has been coming to the stables since she was 2 weeks old and is therefore lucky enough to be growing up surrounded by horses, dogs and other farm animals. My sister goes to the farm every weekend to ride the horse and this is my niece's favourite time of the week. My brother-in-law has also started a little garden on the farm so we spent some time collecting vegetables and walnuts that had fallen from the walnut tree.

I started my new job in Bern on Thursday and am yet to adjust to the 6am start and the 4 hours of daily commute. This aside, things are going well and my colleagues seem a friendly bunch. My new research project is exciting and I look forward to learning more about the applied veterinary science side of my work. As I struggle to adjust to a new rhythm, I have been feeling tired and a bit lazy this week end. The weather hasn't helped, autumn is on its way in la Suisse too. I will try and be a bit more proactive today and put the finishing touches to a few crafty projects so that I have something to show tomorrow on Handmade Monday.

It has been so nice to chat with you again...although it is nice every now and then to spend a week away from the computer, I have missed catching up on all your news!



Planet Penny said...

Great post, so much going on! Your niece looks adorable (as does the kitten!)
Must say how impressed I am by that dress, fabulous and I love the fabric!

Anonymous said...

Awww love the kitten!!! Good luck for the new job x

Emma said...

I know about the commuting bit I used to work in Basel and lived in Zurich. It gives you lots of time to read!

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