Monday, 26 September 2011

A late summer weekend

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone has had a weekend as nice as ours;-)
My body clock still hasn't adjusted to its new working rhythm and is finding coping with the more-than-usual wine at the weekend particularly hard. As a result, this is how I feel today:

Not good...however it is a fair price to pay for a great weekend. We had visitors from Glasgow for 2 days who were lucky enough to experience some of our Indian summer here in la Suisse. We spent Saturday in Zurich walking around the old town and we then took the ferry back to Meilen. I had never taken the boat back to Meilen and the weather prouved perfect for it. We spent a lovely hour on the water taking in all the sights...

Sunday morning was spent going on a long walk with Alf and collecting walnuts that had fallen on a path. They are drying on the balcony now and will be cracked in a few days.

Sunday was also a "slow Sunday" during which the whole avenue running along Lake Zurich was shut to cars and motorised vehicules between Meilen and Rapperswil, allowing thousands of people on bikes, roller skates, wheelchairs and on foot to enjoy the sunshine and travel between the towns on our side of the Lake. Such fun!

There were many food stalls along the way and we took our friends to the one outside our local vineyard for some fish and wine...bliss!

It was hard to come back down to Earth this morning after such a delightful weekend and I have suffered from that Monday feeling all day... Since I did not have time to craft this weekend, I do not have anything to show for Handmade Monday this week (but do go and see what other crafters have been up to here) but I have casted on a new winter hat so check this space!

Hoping that tomorrow will be better... ;-)


zsazsazsu said...

oh ! I enjoyed these pics !

The undomesticated scientist said...

Hi, just popped by to say I'm more than happy to have you in the swap as long as your ok posting to the UK :)

The undomesticated scientist said...

no probs, was planning on pairing you with myself. i know its not random but i don't mind the postage and as my grandpa was swiss it feels appropriate.

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