Monday, 20 June 2011

Cool cat

Grüezi one and all,

"Remember me?"

After a bit more work this weekend, I am proud to present the latest Made in Suisse creation! Just when I thought that putting the teddy all together was hard enough, the next three hours (yes, three hours!) trying to put a dress together for the cat were not fun.

The lack of instructions from the book (see my Crafty Goodness page for a peek at the book) really made things difficult, and I managed to assemble the different bits of the dress by trial and error (a lot of them!). This was also my first attempt at sewing pleats (see front of the dress) and it didn't work so well (they're not centred).

I won't show you the back of the dress as the different panels of the dress do not meet where they're supposed to (i.e. the middle) and I couldn't face trying to make buttonholes for the first time after already spending three hours to get this dress together.

So I think this is a fair first attempt at making a teddy (8 out of 10 if I dare say myself) but that is one pitiful attempt at dress-making (4 out of 10). I will definitely need to make a second attempt before offering the teddy to one of my nieces.

Mr T and I are off to Yorkshire and Glasgow this week to visit family and friends and I will hopefully have loads to blog about next week after our return.

Until then...


Anonymous said...

I think Kitty looks cute, it makes it more interesting and personal if it's not 100% perfect! Have a good time in Glasgow - bring your winter woolies lol.. :)x

Juanita Tortilla said...

Hey, have fun in the UK!

Don't fuss too much over your first creation. From where I sit, it looks like you knew what you were doing! I wouldn't have been able to manage that! :)

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