Monday, 13 June 2011

Cat or mouse?

I have been feeling on a craft high this holiday weekend with my new sewing machine, my bunting and my socks almost finished (yeah!!!) and I decided to embark on a second sewing project. I chose it from a book my mum bought me at a car boot sales a couple of months ago and which I had put aside while I remained sewing machine-less.

I must say that after spending a whole afternoon trying to put a cat together, I find that the book isn't very useful or appropriate for a sewing novice. Instructions like "1) cut the fabric, 2) sew the different parts together and 3) stuff the toy" (I am barely exagerating here) don't provide you with the insight needed to put a d*** toy together!

I find sewing to be a stressful hobby at the best of times, especially when it requires patience and precise measurements (which I am genetically incapable of!). So after much swearing and Mr T coming to the rescue, here is my first attempt at a cat. Well, it is only a head because after 3+ hours of sewing I decided to pack it in for today. All the other parts are made, they just need stuffing and sewing together (so many things can still go wrong...).

Now, this is supposed to look like the cats on the cover of the book (see pic above) and I have the feeling that this looks more like a mouse than a cat!

So I should put this to a vote: cat or mouse? (or failed sewing project?)


Anonymous said...

I would say it's a cat!! Good 1st attempt :)

Lucy said...

Oh cat definitely! He's lovely :) xx

Anonymous said...

As someone that knows all things micey it is most certainly a cat! x

Florence and Mary said...

I'd say cat!

Victoria xx

ashleeelevin said...

I got a new sewing machine too! well i say new... it's older than me and isn't electric, but it's very pretty and it works! and it was only a fiver from the salvo! bargain!
think i'll start on cushions! x

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