Friday, 2 December 2011

Christmas-themed baking

As you may remember reading, our trip last Sunday to the Zürich Christmas market was a bit disappointing...However, while searching for some items to include in my Christmas stocking swap, Mr T and I ended up checking out some big department stores in Zürich and ended up finding other ways of spending money!!

I love Villeroy & Bosch, I can't help it... already back in the UK I had bought a couple of pieces from their dining sets because they were available at a reduced price. I am hoping to build a set of non-Ikea dining ware that I can use when we have people over for dinner (admitedly it does not happen very often...), that's my fault for liking expensive things!! Anyhow, we came across this 50% off cutlery box for 6 people from Villeroy & Bosch and I snatched it alongside these really cute biscuit shapes which were also a (Villeroy & Bosch) bargain...Mr T could not complain, I made some biscuits that Sunday afternoon so everyone was happy!

Don't you just love eating baking?

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zsazsazsu said...

recipe please ;-)))

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