Saturday, 10 December 2011

Christmas stocking swap

Happy Saturday everyone,
A couple of months ago, I entered a Christmas stocking swap that was hosted by a fellow crafty scientist blogger The Undomesticated Scientist. The swap rules were:
- It must include a stocking
- A christmas decoration
- Nibbles
- Something useful
- Smellies
- Something to playwith
- a tangerine - or something that represents it
I was actually paired up with the host herself and received my parel at work on Friday which cheered me endlessly on a rather grey and busy Friday. So here it is then:
My adorable stocking!! The Undomesticated Scientist had blogged about this stocking back in November when the stocking came second in the sewing directories christmas creativity competition... how amazing is that? The stocking has fairy lights all over it, I love it!

The stocking included...

Chocolates and a Terry's "tangerine"
Lovely hand-made decorations, some funky fabric to play with, a little game and some sweet strawberry clips
Smellies including those awesome button-shaped soaps!
This was my first swap ever on blogland and I am so chiffed with me and thankful for the time and care spent by the Undomesticated Scientist putting this stocking together. I can't show you what I included in mine yet as the parcel hasn't arrived just yet but I'll let you know when my partner blogs about it.
Right, we have visitors coming from Germany this weekend, I'd better go and get that coconut cake out of the oven.
Have a lovely weekend :-)

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The undomesticated scientist said...

glad it arrived safely and you liked its contents :)

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